Rides & Attractions

Come join in the fun in our state of the art arcade amusement featuring the latest video games, pinball machines, redemption games, skill testers or try your luck at the clowns and fishing game where there are great prizes to be won. Something for everyone from 6 to 60.

Experience the thrill and action from the latest craze to sweep the world.
All in perfect safety.

icon_01  DODGEM CARS
Everyone’s favourite ride of the fair is here. The bumper cars provide non-stop fun and excitement for the whole family. So come and experience the thrills and drive one of our incredible Testarossa bumper cars imported from Italy on our fast and spacious dodgem track.

The king carnival Ferris wheel has been a MANDURAH landmark for over 50 years. Take a ride to the top of the wheel and experience some of the most breathtaking views this state has to offer. A fantastic ride for the whole family to share.

This antique ride has proven to be a real favourite with the kiddies throughout the decades. Climb aboard one of our finely crafted horse replicas and hold on tight as the carousel picks up speed. If you want to be really daring start to rock the horse in a forward motion to simulate a real horse ride! The kids just can’t get enough of this one

icon_01  MINI GOLF
18 hole mini golf course rated in the top 5 courses in Australia. Beautifully located right on the waters edge , with water features and gorgeous native flora , it provides great fun for the whole family and a great challenge for even the most seasoned of golfers.

icon_01  TILT A WHIRL
This ride is renowned for its ability to thrill its riders. Once you have been locked into your carriage, hold on for dear life as you are spun again and again and again with incredible force. This is a real favourite for the teenage riders who love to get a little shaken and stirred.

King Carnival is proud to announce that we now have a Venturer Simulator in our line up of great attractions. The ride features a massive 12 different adventures and enough seating for 12 people. This ride has proven to be popular with all ages and is available for you to ride today.

 icon_01   KIDDYS MIX

icon_01   CONVOY TRAIN

icon_01   7D CINEMA

icon_01   TOWER RIDE