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King Carnival is W.A.’s longest running running carnival site. It has been operating for over 60 years and during that time it has always been Mandurah’s premium family entertainment venue.

Our current lease has now expired and the City of Mandurah has requested expressions of interest for the site.

In 2003 the City of Mandurah designed a redevelopment plan for the western foreshore which included moving king carnival next to the skate park. Why has it taken 18 years for the council to sort this out? See below the 2003 development plan. 



We are extremely hopeful of gaining a new long term lease , and if so we have huge development plans for the Carnival. This will include a brand new mini golf course and an array of other new and exciting rides and attractions.

Our new golf course will be state of the art and carbon neutral. It will have solar power lighting and will incorporate 2000 all native plants. There will be a giant water fall twisting its way through the course. It will be both great fun and challenging to play making it a huge tourist attraction for the area. Check out the new design below!!


For the past 17 years we have been operating on short term leases , which made it extremely difficult to invest large sums of money into development with such an uncertain future. However even during this time we still added exciting new attractions to the carnival such as the Bungee tramps , Sizzler , W.A.’s largest inflatable water slide , water balls , Tower ride , Convoy Train and bumper boats. We recently upgraded our ferris wheel lights which cost $50,000. Check out the light show below!